“Education is that which drawn out what is best in human being. Civil Department of GMVIT is dedicated to provide the best of Civil engineering education to our students by utilizing advanced tools for effective teaching learning process.”
......HOD Prof. Galinde Y.R.

From the pyramid of Egypt to the exploration of space, civil engineers have always faced challenges of future advancing, civilization and building quality in to life. Today the world is undergoing vast changes of the technological revolution, population growth, environmental concerns, and more.
Civil Engineering is for people who desire to see the nation grow and enhance the quality of social life. As a civil engineer, you will help development of industry, transportation system and infrastructure that are the milestones of our economy. Civil Engineering is about community service, development and improvement that include planning, design, construction and operation of facilities essential to modern life. As a Civil Engineer, one will be called upon to play a major role in developing water, oil, gas, mineral and other natural resources and address energy needs and urban community planning.
The prevailing boom in the infrastructure and construction sectors has brought the limelight back into Civil Engineering, with demand for Civil Engineers growing exponentially. With growing numbers of private builders and firms the need for quality Civil Engineers will shoot up. This sector is witnessing heightened activity as a result of which there has been substantial increase in the number of projects. Thus there is a surge in demand for quality Civil Engineers and this boom is definitely creating employment opportunities for the skilled Civil Engineers.
The department of Civil Engineering was established in 2011 and it offers four year degree course. The department has dedicated experienced and well qualified faculty. The laboratories are well equipped with excellent training aids and modern equipments.
Vision of the Department is to develop skilled human power with creative and innovative ideas, technology for the betterment of individual and nation as a whole.

Student says :

“I could qualify all the examinations with flying colors due to continuous and extra efforts taken by our college. Laboratories of Civil engineering department are highly equipped with modern equipments and machineries. Personal attention from our seminars, industry institute interaction, availability of required goods, journal and study materials helped me to achieve distinction. I am thankful to my college for providing all the facilities.”

--- Mr. Prashant Kisan Ghag.( BE Topper)