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Approved by AICTE, Recognised by DTE Gov. of Maharashtra, Affiliated to University of Mumbai

Code of Conduct for Faculties

1. Staff members should display the highest possible standards of professional behavior that is required in an educational establishment. 

2. Staff members should seek to co-operate with their colleagues by providing support, help and guidance as required. 

3. Staff members should not use their position in the institute for private advantage or gain. 

4. Staff members should avoid words and deeds that might bring the institute into disrepute or might undermine colleagues in the perception of others (staff/students/parents/community). 

5. Staff members should be aware of, and should follow institute policies systems and procedures. They should normally communicate through the management structure, and should ensure students do likewise. 

6. Staff members should attend training programs arranged by University and AICTE. 

7. Staff members should attend their place of work punctually. 

8. Staff members should make alternate arrangement of their lectures / work before going to any type of leave. 

9. Staff members should not go outside of college during college hours without prior permission of principal. 

10. Staff shall maintain the appropriate levels of confidentiality with respect to student and staff records and other sensitive matters. They should take care not to discuss issues of particularly sensitive matters within the institute community which could cause distress to institute staff, students or parents. 

11. They should act in fair, courteous and mature manner to students, colleagues and other stakeholders. 

12. Endeavoring to assist the institute achieve its corporate and strategic objectives – in particular, by adopting a positive attitude to marketing and the achievement of quality and equality 

13. Maintaining the image of the institute through standards of dress, general courtesy, correct use of institute stationery, etc 

14. Taking responsibility for the behavior and conduct of students in the classroom and sharing such responsibility elsewhere on the premises. 

15. Being familiar with job requirements (eg. proper preparation, use of suitable methods/systems, maintenance of appropriate/required records, etc), including keeping up-to-date with developments relevant to the job. 

16. Ensuring all assessments/exams/tests are conducted in a fair and proper (prescribed) manner, and that procedures are strictly followed with respect to confidentiality and security. 

17. Institute reserves right to change any rule at any time without intimation.


code of conduct for faculty