Approved by AICTE, Recognised by DTE Gov. of Maharashtra, Affiliated to University of Mumbai


Code of conduct

Academic Rules and Regulations for Students

1. Student Handbook is applicable to all students of FE, SE, TE, BE admitted to college.

2. The college gives utmost priority for discipline and every student is bound to follow the rules and regulations of the college and maintain stick discipline.

3. Every student shall be regular and punctual in attending classes, practical, tutorials and participate fully in all learning and assessment activities.

4. All admitted students are subject to the discipline and control of the Academic authorities. The students are required to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations that are framed from time to time by the college. In case of breach of discipline, Principal or the constituted authorities of the institute shall have power to fine, or suspend, or rusticate, or even expel the concerned student from the institute.

5. Property of the college needs to be carefully handled and looked after so that the students who follow can enjoy the high standards of environment built up by the trust. Willful damage to property like furniture, equipment, fixtures, books, buildings, vehicles etc. of the college or hostel shall be punishable with penal action and student might be liable for expulsion from the institute.

6. Students are advised to take care of their Identity Cards and should wear it on campus at all times. Every student shall carry his/ her identity card and shall produce it whenever asked for. A loss of Identity Card must be promptly reported. Duplicate Identity Card will be issued at a some minimal fine. Instructions on the Identity Card should be read and followed by all students.

7. Students should not organize for any picnic outside without written permission from the Principal.

8. Ragging is prohibited vide Maharashtra State “Anti-Ragging Act, 1999” as well as Supreme Court verdicts and AICTE directives. Any student found indulging in any form of ragging within or outside the Academy and hostel shall be immediately expelled from the Academy and necessary disciplinary action will be taken, as per orders from Honorable Supreme Court of India.

9. Smoking, drinking alcohol and use of drugs within the premises of the Academy and hostel as well as outside the campus is strictly prohibited.

10. Students shall behave in a disciplined manner and follow all the instructions issued by the Principal from time to time. They should not indulge in any kind of indiscipline within or outside the premises of the college. Every student should endeavor to hold the high ideals, the reputation and the prestige of the college.

11. No student shall take the law into his / her own hands, whatever the circumstances may be. Any violence by the student on any other person will be viewed seriously and dealt with severely. Students should present any difficulty or grievance directly to the Principal. The decision of the institute authorities in these matters shall be final.

12. Accessing, storing, viewing, transmitting and/or circulating any pornographic and/or obscene material is strictly forbidden. Students are expected to co-operate in ensuring a virus free environment in the computer system.

13. Students are required to be aware of all notices that are put up on the Notice Boards.

14. Students are required to appear for all the tests conducted by the college and submit term work as per prescribed timeline.

15. Students are required to maintain a minimum attendance of 75% in each subject as per the norms of University of Mumbai.

16. No student shall be permitted to take the University Examination unless he/she has paid all his/ her dues and his/her progress and his/her conduct and attendance is found satisfactory.

17.Industrial visits and educational tours, as and when arranged by the college are compulsory for every student. The student will have to bear the full cost of such visits/ tours.

18. The Principal reserves the right to debar, any student, for non-payment of the fees/dues.

19. Use of mobile phones by the students during the classes / practical’s / exam / in library/ other official functions is strictly prohibited.

20. Student will always behave in such a manner that pride of his / her own, his / her family and college will be always maintained with high dignity.

21. Students should fill the exam forms and pay the exam fees in the prescribed time span only as notified from time to time.

22. Every Student shall conduct himself / herself in such a way to cause no disturbance to the working of the classes or to fellow students.

23. Students will not pay any amount to any student body/group of students and/or any other agency without verifying the proper permission by Principal. Collection of money by any person with forceful measures and without proper authority and permission will be treated as ragging & will be dealt as per Anti Ragging Act.

24. The Management/ Principal reserves the right to delete, add or amend the rules and regulations given above as and when felt necessary



Student Handbook